Experience, expansion and technological development

    Because we believe in the necessity of development in all fields, especially in the field of e-commerce and shipping, we put in your hands an advanced electronic system through which you can follow up on all shipments and trips, know the financial accounts, the remaining balance, and the possibility of withdrawal, as well as provide you with an integrated analysis of all products and the reasons for the return of shipments.

    Payment solutions: We are fully aware that most of what our partners need are electronic payment methods. Therefore, we have provided you with electronic payment, and we will later realize payment via (payment, trading)

    Because we are one of the oldest and largest shipping companies, we have sufficient experience in dealing with shipments and customers in various ways, and no matter how different the difficulties are, we are able to solve them.

Quality, safety and continuity

Amyal offers a solution for delivery within 8-12 hours of creating the order. You can add your parcels and the details of the parcels yourself directly and without hassle. This can be done through the Amyal website and also via mobile

What distinguishes Amyal from others?

  1. Easy to use mobile app
  2. A licensed and trusted company
  3. Multiple payment methods
  4. Trained delivery agents
  5. E-Commerce services

Our Strategic Partners

Amyal Mobile App

We provide you with an easy-to-use application that makes the process of delivery with our postal services a smooth experience.

  • Follow up on daily orders status report
  • Verify all billed and unbilled dues
  • Add new orders
  • Add new receiving addresses
  • Keep track of the latest changes in the status of your orders