About us

    Amiyal Delivery Company is a Libyan company founded in 2016 with the commercial registration number 50446. Its main headquarters is located in Tripoli. Amiyal is considered the first and largest Libyan company specializing in domestic shipping. It has revolutionized the concept of traditional shipping to professional, advanced shipping. We were the first to establish specific laws for fast transportation and shipping and were the first to set fixed prices for cities based on size and weight. Amiyal is also the pioneer in designing a website with an integrated electronic system connected to the internet, allowing customers to track their shipments from anywhere in the world. Moreover, it was the first to introduce the idea of tracking shipments through the company's website.

    We changed the delivery policy by employing a large number of representatives, ensuring that each city has its own dedicated representative responsible for distributing shipments to the doorstep. Therefore, the company has more than 120 delegates distributed across all Libyan cities.

    The company has successfully contracted with a group of companies, e-commerce stores, and commercial applications, bringing our number of strategic partners to about 1200 in Libya and abroad. We have provided services to our clients in 12 other countries.

Our Services

  • Storage spaces: Where the customer can store his products inside the company’s warehouses.
  • Encapsulation:we have bags with international specifications and we specially package sensitive and breakable orders.
  • Confirm orders:The customer service team confirms orders for customers before they go out for delivery.
  • Assembly:It is free for all our customers inside Libya, with the exception of large sizes.
  • Financial collection (financial settlement):We deliver the financial settlement inside Libya for free and outside Libya, the customer bears the transfer costs.

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